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Evolve SEO Agency has been providing effective SEO solutions for ecommerce websites since 2010. In that time, we have seen a number of changes to how search engines operate, and yet, our clients have remained competitive in their industries.

We have developed a process for our SEO campaigns which is highly effective, and repeatable for whatever size your business is, and whatever industry you are operating in. Read more about our process below.


“At Evolve Digital, our only focus is providing effective SEO marketing services for customers wanting to increase the Google rankings of their eCommerce websites. We only offer solutions which provide a positive ROI and lead to an increase in sales.”

Jason Boyd

Jason Boyd / Founder & Director

Our Unique SEO Process

Our effective SEO process is a data-driven, well researched strategy. The process we use is repeatable for clients in any industry, and of any size.

To ensure we are serving you personally, and meeting your needs, we begin with a strategy audit, which involves a phone call or meeting, and an audit of your competitors. We then develop a 12 month plan to get you the boost or organic traffic that you need!

The SEO process we implement is as follows:

Branding & PR Work

Its very important that Google sees your business as being an Expert & Leader of your industry. Google likes to give credit to trustworthy, well recognised businesses. As such, we begin your SEO campaign with some PR & Branding work. This often involves Press Releases, an Interview or two, and some work on your Brand assets (if needed). Although our focus is for search engine benefit, this branding work often provides direct traffic to your website.

On-Site Optimisation

The next phase of your campaign involves correcting & improving the ranking factors on your website.

Some of the areas we look at include:

  • Setup of search console, analytics & user tracking if required.
  • Technical website factors – speed, meta data, URLs etc.
  • Website structure & keyword relevance.
  • Product optimisation.

This phase will take approximately 3 months to complete, and can make a significant difference to your traffic.

Off-Site Optimisation

The fourth phase of our SEO work involves the off-site factors.

These can vary according to each clients current position, but generally include the following:

  • Foundational link building – directories & social platforms.
  • Outreach to high-authority websites.
  • Outreach to niche-relevant websites.


This phase is ongoing, with the initial focused effort being about 3 months.


Content Marketing

Having well-written, useful content on your ecommerce website is important to help target keywords, and provide niche relevance.

Our content strategy is also called our ‘landing page strategy’.  This is an ongoing phase, which we implement after all the other phases have been completed.

Our content marketing strategy involves adding pre-programmed content to your website, and they promoting that content using otreach. This will help to continue the growth of your website traffic and sales.

Want to see how we can implement this SEO process for you?