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“At Evolve Digital, our only focus is providing effective SEO marketing services for customers wanting to increase the Google rankings of their eCommerce websites. We only offer solutions which provide a positive ROI and lead to an increase in sales.”

Jason Boyd

Jason Boyd / Founder & Director

The Online Shopping Revolution

The rise of e-commerce has led to an online shopping revolution in Australia, which no one can deny. In 2023, e-commerce spending increased to over $60 billion, and reached major new heights, while surpassing all expectations. This figure makes up roughly 15% of all Australia’s retail sales in 2023, which is a tremendous accomplishment and bigger growth than the previous year.

There’s real-world potential to penetrate the e-commerce marketplace right now and it’s only getting bigger. How will you capitalize on the momentous e-commerce online shopping revolution sweeping through Australia?

The Benefits of SEO for an eCommerce Business

  • More organic traffic – search engine optimisation is the best way to gain more organic traffic. Evolve SEO Agency will increase website visibility by improving search results on Google, Bing, and other search platforms. This will lead to more website visitors, potential customers, and targeted traffic to your online store.

  • Better user experience – SEO is all about optimization. Evolve SEO Agency will tweak your website to the point that it’s running like a well-oiled machine. We’ll increase mobile friendliness, improve site speed, and add user-friendly navigation when necessary. These adjustments will deliver a much better user experience, which leads to greater engagement, longer visits, and bigger and better conversion rates for your e-commerce store.

  • Targeted traffic – Evolve SEO Agency truly understands the value of getting more targeted traffic to your e-commerce website. We’ll create a customized keyword and optimization plan to improve your search engine visibility. After implementing this plan, your website will rank highly for specific targeted keywords and phrases that are perfectly relevant to your website’s products and other exciting offers.

  • Long-lasting results – our company always focuses on creating long-term strategies that deliver results that last for years. Ask any of the clients that have worked with us over the years. Our results speak for themselves. And they’re much better and more stable than the results delivered by paid advertising, which immediately disappears the minute you turn your paid ads off. Search engine optimization traffic never turns off as long as you maintain your ranking, while delivering visitors and traffic to your e-commerce website, which is a truly sustainable source of revenue growth.

  • Greater brand awareness and visibility – improving search engine rankings leads to increased brand awareness and better visibility. By appearing prominently at the top of the search results, your customers will begin to recognize your brand, which makes your company appear more trustworthy and leads to repeat business.

Why Choose Us?

1 – Experience

Jason Boyd, Director of Evolve SEO Agency, has over 10 years of experience in search engine & online marketing for clients and his own projects. At Evolve SEO Agency, we have achieved strong growth for a variety of businesses, in a variety of industries. Check our case studies to see why we are considered the best, and what we could achieve for you.

2 – Transparency

At Evolve SEO Agency, we believe that the most important ingredient in a long-term relationship with our clients is Trust. When working on your eCommerce SEO campaign, we establish trust by being transparent with you. Our bi-monthly reports list all tasks we have completed as well as the results we have achieved for you.

3 – Data Driven

The digital strategy we employ for our clients is driven by the latest data science. Forget the outdated methods used by other SEO agencies, our search campaigns are driven by the latest search data and techniques. Google uses a futuristic machine learning algorithm, and now you can too!

4 – No Contracts

No Contracts! No Contracts! No Contracts! — We never have and we never will!

We believe in offering a great service at a fair price. This ensures we don’t need to lock our clients into expensive long-term contracts that are difficult to get out of. Our month-by-month SEO packages offer great flexibility.

5 – Your Partner

We follow the age-old theory that its more expensive to find a new client than to keep your current clients. Therefore, we always go into a new client relationship with the idea that we are a marketing partner within your business. This ensures we are making the best decisions for you & your business!

eCommerce SEO Process

Google operates using a number of algorithms to decide which websites are listed at the top of their results. We have developed a repeatable process that works!

Read more about our strategy and how our process works.



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SEO is the process of getting your website listed higher in the Google search engine results (SERPS). This is done using a number of methods, which can be classified as methods that are on your website; and methods that are off your website.

No, you don’t need SEO, but it should be part of your marketing plan.

Ranking well in Google has literally increased the sales of many eCommerce businesses ten-fold. With a good SEO plan, that includes strong competitor research tied with the latest data-driven SEO methods, you too can receive an influx of hungry buyers for your product.

There are 3 main areas an SEO agency will focus on to help your website rank better. These are:

1. The setup of your website & store to ensure it meets best-practice guidelines for Google.

2. The arrangement of your Brand, social profiles and other entities to ensure your company is seen in a trustworthy light.

3. The ongoing sourcing and placement of backlinks to your website, to build the authority of your store.

We use a number of methods to achieve the above goals, and are happy to discuss these at any time.

The answer to this depends upon a number of factors. Factors such as what niche you are targeting, how old your website is, and where you are currently ranking for a given search phrase.

In general, you should see positive results in 4-6 months.

Again, depending upon your ‘starting position’, this can be longer or shorter.

Most clients will be seeing a good ROI after 12 months, and it increases with time from here.

Whilst some eCommerce platforms perform better for SEO than others, we can work with any cms or platform.

The most common platforms are WordPress (with Woo Commerce), Shopify, Big Commerce & Magento.