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7 Design Tips for an eCommerce Website

Jason Boyd is a seasoned SEO professional with over a decade of experience in the field. He began his career in 2012 and has since established himself as an expert in the industry. Jason's expertise in SEO has helped numerous clients achieve their online marketing goals. He has published a number of articles on various SEO topics, providing valuable insights and strategies to help businesses improve their online presence. Jason founded Evolve SEO Agency, a company that provides SEO services to ecommerce businesses of all sizes. With a passion for helping clients succeed, Jason continues to stay up-to-date with the latest SEO trends and techniques to deliver the best results possible.

Shopping online is big business and that means if you want a slice of the pie, you will need to have an effective eCommerce website. But what design features and factors make an online shop profitable? Keep reading to find out!

Draw attention to your best sellers

If you had a brick-and-mortar store, you would likely create a display for your best products! The good news is you can also do this online and highlight items that customers are most likely to buy.

The way to do this is to find ways to attract the attention of potential prospects such as creating banners, making the images of your best-selling products larger, or positioning them at the top of the page so they are the first thing a visitor sees. You may also want to highlight them in a contrasting colour so they stand out even more.

Clear and honest pricing

Your customers will want to know what they are letting themselves in for with regards to pricing. What this means is you will need to display clear and honest pricing of every product.

If you can show or offer a way to calculate P&P before a customer makes a purchase, even better. Then you can manage their expectations and prevent them from getting a nasty shock later on that may cause them to reconsider their purchase.

SEO for the win

SEO or search engine optimisation is a crucial design element for any eCommerce site. Indeed, without effective SEO their potential customers will find it hard to find your business and the products you are offering.

Of course, there are different elements of SEO to factor into the design of your eCommerce site including product descriptions and keywords. Backlinks on the other hand won’t be so relevant because you don’t want to direct your customer away from your site.

A picture says a thousand words

Another crucial design feature for any eCommerce site is great quality images. After all, your customer won’t get to see the item IRL, so you will want to provide them with as much information to help them buy in the images you display as possible.

With that in mind, product images need to be in focus and high-res. They also need to be taken against a white background, with the proper lighting, and from a range of angles. Videos can be particularly useful when customers can benefit from seeing a product such as a piece of equipment, or item of clothing being used. If in doubt, choose a professional photographer for your images.

Keep it clear and concise

While your brain may be overflowing with information about your products, your customers only want the most important details. To help them find these, make sure that the layout of your shop is clear and easy to navigate by using headings, categories, and lists.

Prioritise UX

In retail, the customer always comes first and the same applies to any eCommerce store. To that end, prioritising the user of your site’s experience (UX) is crucial to success. This means your site needs to be simple, easy, and fun to use. It also needs to be attractive, and engaging. In particular, linking your site to your social media accounts as a way of promoting feedback on how you can improve can work wonders.

Ask – will it help us make a profit?

Finally, the last design tip for creating a successful eCommerce website is to ask the following question for every change you make: will it help us make a profit? If the answer is no, then leave things as they are. If the answer is I’m not sure, get in touch with an expert that can help or do some research, while if the answer is yet – go ahead and make your eCommerce site the very best it can be!

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